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About Us

XeroThera has developed breakthrough technologies for tissue engineering and the controlled and targeted delivery of drugs and biological molecules. The technology is the result of twenty years of fundamental studies on sol gel processed, nanoporous, oxide-based materials in academic laboratories at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.


XeroThera’s unique delivery concepts make it possible to treat conditions that currently defy solutions. It has formulated a pipeline of product concepts that address the prevention and treatment of surgical infections, bone infections, and resistant (“MRSA”) infection; it can also develop tissue engineering scaffolds, and address surgical pain treatment and diabetes wound treatment. 


Paul Ducheyne, PhD

President and CEO

XeroThera is led by a seasoned entrepreneur. Dr. Paul Ducheyne, previously founded Orthovita, a NASDAQ listed company until June 2011, when it was acquired by Stryker. Paul Ducheyne has more than 30 years of scientific, technical, entrepreneurial and governance experience in the biomaterials, medical device, tissue engineering and controlled release fields, especially as it concerns orthopaedics, but also as it relates to cardiology, dentistry and medicine.

Jonathan Garino, MD, MBA

Member, Board of Directors

Jonathan Garino is a practicing physician, and obtained the M.B.A. degree. He currently is a Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, is the former director of the Adult Reconstruction Center at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He is a national and international expert in hip and knee replacements having participated in numerous scientific studies including 6 IDE trials for ceramic bearings, contributing significantly to bringing this technology to the US market. 

Sanjib Bhattacharyya, PhD

Vice President of R&D 

Dr. Bhattacharyya’s knowledge of materials chemistry, sol gel science, surface functionalization and biomaterials science is profound and cutting edge. He has presented his ground breaking work at many international scientific conferences. In conjunction with the VP for Manufacturing Operations he will be implementing and managing the upscaling of the material concepts for production, and develop the internal research program.

Edwin H. Ruzinsky, CPA, CMC

Member, Board of Directors

Mr. Ruzinsky served for many years as Partner at Deloitte Consulting LLC as the firm’s National Director-Media Industry Services.  Notably, Mr. Ruzinsky has served on many Corporate Boards, and as Chairman of Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ.  Additionally, Mr. Ruzinsky is co-author of the Manual of Accounting for Magazine Publishers, has lectured extensively throughout these industries, and is also a recognized expert witness in these areas.



Nano-Structered XeroGels are easily produced from non-toxic and safe precursors of Silica as well as other natural elements such as Calcium and Phosphate which can be added for optimization in hard tissue applications. These highly porous scaffolds have unique characteristics for tissue engineering and sustained delivery of pharmaceutical and biological molecules.  Differentiating characteristics of the technology are:

  • Room temperature fabrication safe for all pharmaceutical molecules, including antibiotics and growth factors

  • Biocompatible and resorbable 

  • Formation of Ca-P surface layer in vivo compatible with bone growth and repair processes

  • Tunable sustained delivery of bioactive molecules from hours to days, weeks, and beyond…

  • Pharmaceutical products can be added at the time of surgery

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Nano-Particle Precision

Precise control over the structure and properties of XeroGel materials allows for the incorporation of a variety of biological molecules.  Fragile molecules are well protected once they are incorporated into the oxide matrix, thus allowing molecules with a short half-life or large fragile bioengineered molecules to be incorporated and released in a controlled, safe, and predictable process.


Product Pipeline


  • Microparticle for surgical use


  • Universal, injectable nanoparticle, formulated to treat MRSA

  • Regulatory pathway (US): Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP)

> Eligible for fast track designation

> Priority review for marketing  applications

> Additional 5  years  exclusivity granted at time of approval


  • Micron thin films on implants for continuous local delivery of bactericidal molecules

  • Unique product concept for strategic partnering

  • Extensive preclinical studies as a basis for regulatory review


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Enterprise Building

  • Focus on product with short duration to market (XeroSyn™)

  • Control core technology

  • Develop manufacturing capabilities

  • Advance XeroSyn™ towards the clinic; generate sales

  • Develop strategic partnerships with a large company from

         > the device field (XeroSyn™, XeroMicron™)

         > the pharmaceutical/ biotech field (XeroDuo™)

  • Leverage patent portfolio

  • Establish presence in both US and Europe